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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  August 28, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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happening now, a mother's carefully worded plea to a terrorist to release her son, stephen sotloff. the terrorist organization promising to kill him if u.s. air strikes continue. could this message help save her son? this as jihadists make strong changes. president obama weighing his options to attack. we are learning about isis recruiting teenagers here in the u.s. we have live team coverage from london and iraq ahead. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. it is thursday, august 28th, 5:00 a.m. in the east. this morning remains to be seen what impact, if any, the emotional plea of the mother of a hostage will have on isis. a video message asking them to spare his life.
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>> stephen has no control over the actions of the u.s. government. he's an innocent journalist. i have always learned that you can grant amnesty. i ask you to please release my child. >> very interesting there. she refers to him as that. stephen sotloff was taken a year ago covering the civil war in syria. karl penhaul is following the latest developments. going line by line in the plea, it is fascinating. the analysts telling you, telling us here, this was a very effective message this mother was sending. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely a key message. the person we have been talking to, a kidnap and ransom adviser had a broad experience with this. he say this is kind of message and this kind of situation is very strategic message. what the statement aims to do is really to recast the debate to
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show stephen sotloff as a human being, try to get away from the notion he is a political piece. get to the fact he is a human being and an individual and has nothing to do with u.s. policy. now, of course, what is also important here is not just to look at this plea by a desperate mother, but to see it as trying to open a line of communication with isis, to try to say look, you and i, by name, let's sit down. let's talk. opening the line to a possible negotiation. now, of course, what the expert we have been talking to says is the nightmare scenario would be, in any kidnap situation, that the victim was being held by a bunch of crazy hot head that is have no real idea what they are doing. ironically, it's better to be in the hands of an experienced kidnapper who know what is they are doing and what they can demand. undoubtedly isis does have
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expert kidnappers. certainly, though, right now, no sense that there is any financial demand for stephen sotloff. most have been political. we know other european countries widely reported they have been paying ransoms under the table for the freedom of their citizens. john? >> the analysts you are speaking to, forget about whether it will lead to the release, it might be a miracle at this point, but do they think it will elicit a response from isis? >> reporter: they didn't talk about a response. it's not always the case that lines of communications, once they have been open, public lines of communication, but it could lead to a private line of communication behind the scenes that we would never find out about. if there were a ransom demand and ransom payment under the table, again, we would never find out about it. what he told us was this
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strategy of opening a line of communication is very good. this perceived pressure saying, we think we know who the kidnappers are. it's not a bad idea as well. it's a precious strategy, letting the kidnappers know there could be consequences to their actions, somebody has their eye on them. to use steven sotloff now rather than killing him and turning it into a bigger mess than it already is. >> karl, thanks so much. president obama considers possible air strikes against isis in syria. the terrorist group is claiming responsibility for car bombings in iraq. meantime, the u.s. is considering a humanitarian relief operation to help iraqis under siege by isis for weeks. we have the details live in erbil, iraq.
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they want more help from the americans? >> reporter: they do. they desperately need more help from the americans in way of aid, but also air strikes. the township of amerli, 100 miles north of baghdad has been under siege from isis militants for two months now. it's local police and volunteers who manage to somehow keep these isis fighters just on the outskirts of the city. we understand just from this morning that isis fighters are at the gates of amerli. they have cut off water and power to this township of turkman shia. 12,000 people. we are getting reports of people who have family and friends on the ground there. dozens of children have dieed from dehydration and starvation. this is how dire the situation
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is according to the organization. certainly, the u.n. special representative for iraq is waiting several days warning a potential massacre could be under way. asking that the iraqi military get much more involved. we understand that is taking place now. they need the support of those u.s. air strikes. we also understand, christine, that president obama is now considering air strikes in that area. mainly being focused here in the north around erbil and mosul dam. that is now on the table to stop a potential massacre from unfolding in amerli. >> anna, in erbil, iraq. thank you. another american killed in syria in addition to douglas mccain fighting for isis. they did not identify the second american. this, as the fbi investigating his terror origins.
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he's from the minneapolis area which the fbi says is fertile recruiting ground for terrorists. >> the recruiters and those who lure youth overseas are very aware that they have a pool of potential travelers here in minneapolis. they attended the same high school. american journalist peter theo curtis making his first public statement after being released after two years being held captive in syria. he's grateful beyond words to the welcome home he received. >> i had no idea when i was in prison that so much effort was being expended on my behalf. having found out, i'm overwhelmed with emotion. i'm overwhelmed by one other thing, total strangers have been coming up to me saying hey, we are glad you are home.
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welcome home, glad you are back, glad you are safe. great to see you. i suddenly remember how good the american people are and what kindness they have in their hearts and to all those people, i say a huge thank you from my heart, from the bottom of my heart. curtis telling fellow journalists he plans to answer their questions but he needs to decompress. experts say a hack was sophisticated. hackers able to breakthrough bank security. they said where the hack came from isn't clear. hackers in russia are top fbi suspects. the timing raised suspicions given the sanctions against russia. jpmorgan says they have measures
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to protect themselves. what they are looking at is what they are going for, account information or trading desk information about oil and gas movements? that's what they are going to be looking at. asian shares ending down. s&p 500, record high. stock futures pointing lower right now. a website glitch is causing problems for people with obamacare. they could lose their health coverage. 300,000 people have been asked to confirm their citizenship status with the administration. bugs in the website, help from giving the truth. louisiana governor, bobby jindal suing the obama administration over standards. federal grant money and regulations were manipulated to force states to adopt the
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uniform education standards in testing. the republican governor accuses the govern of sending it down a path of curriculum in violation of the state sovereignty clause. protesters demanding action. they are taking their case to the white house planning to deliver a petition with 900,000 signatures urging justice for michael brown. they will investigate, prosecute and fire all officers involved in the shooting of the unarmed teenager. police are scaling back following several nights of relative calm. state and county police will now have a reduced role. happening right now. a new jersey father's desperate search for his son missing in israel. this is a fascinating story. we are live with the latest, ahead. [ aniston ] when people ask me what i'm wearing, i tell them aveeno®. [ female announcer ] aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion has active naturals® oat with five vital nutrients. [ aniston ] because beautiful skin
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od. helping the world keep promises. dust irritating your eye? (singing) ♪ visine® gives your eyes relief in seconds. visine®. get back to normal. israel and hamas are both
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declaring victory in the gaza war. the important thing here is neither side is shooting. the indefinite cease-fire they agreed to is still holding. meantime, israeli officials are investigating the disappearance of a new jersey religious student who went missing hiking near jerusalem. his parents making this plea on youtube. >> i beg of you, beg you, please, if anyone sees him, please call the police immediately. >> it was, of course, the kid p kidnapping and killing of three israeli teenagers by hamas that helped trigger the seven week fighting. ben wedeman is live for us. we don't know if he was abducted. it's a mystery at this point. >> reporter: it's a complete mystery, christine. it's been six days since the 23-year-old went missing in the
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jerusalem, west of the city. he was hiking with a companion there. according to the companion, they reached a steep incline, became separated when he got to the bottom of the incline. aaron was nowhere to be found. the police were conducting a thorough search of the area using sniffer dogs and police on horseback. until now, they have found nothing. now, some of the friends, family and supporters of aaron sofer were out there doing a search of their own. they have found nothing so far. the family offered a $28,000 reward for information leading to the discovery of aaron. until now, nothing, nothing has shown up. the police aren't saying whether they believe the motive behind his disappearance was criminal, political, personal.
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they simply don't know. apparently, this is a country which has a lot of security, a lot of police. it's very unusual for people to simply disappear without a trace like this. christine? >> such a mystery six days on now. thanks, ben wedeman this morning. the sister of tsarnaev has arrested for a bomb threat against a woman in new york city. she is charged with aggravated harassment. she phoned in the threat to the woman said to be her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend saying quote, i know people who can put a bomb on you. authorities in omaha confirm it was a police officer's bullet that killed a cameraman. the 38-year-old was hit by an officer's bullet during shootout. the suspect who was killed was armed with a pellet gun. a gun control bill is gaining tractions in california.
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they would ask a jung to order firearms be removed from people likely to commit gun violence. the bill, introduced after police in santa barbara said they were unable to confiscate weapons from the 22-year-old who went on a deadly shooting spree, despite concerns about his mental health. a rescue under way for the pilot of a fighter jet that crashed in virginia. it went down in a rugged area of the george washington national forest. it was on a test flight from massachusetts to louisiana where the pilot reported an in-flight emergency. the national guard base lost radio contact with the flight 25 minutes before the crash. in indiana, reports of a violent explosion at a bp refinery. according to local stations, people two miles away felt the blast. houses shook, pictures knocked off the walls. bp issued an all-clear two hours after the explosion.
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a fire ignited after a compres compressor exploded. powerful storms on both coasts. look at the monster waves. that's how the big game surfers like it. >> we live for this. we wait our life for this stuff to happen. you know, we are -- we spend our whole life waiting for the storm of our lifetime. >> he is a professional. a lot of people have been rescued. it's a danger there. the violent surf led to the death of one surfer. >> indra petersons is here with the forecast. >> 20, if not 25 feet, if you are familiar with the wedge, unbelievable surf. it's not just california. look at the entire country. on the east coast, look at the rip current from cristobal and to the west. now, even a tropical disturbance
2:19 am
developing along the gulf. we have concern in the water along the gulf. the weekend is not a safe place to be in the water on the beach. this is making its way offshore, but today, we are talking the high surf toward california, especially the wedge. most are going to be diminishing over the next several days. ten to 15 foot sets will be possible. cristobal is out there making its way west of bermuda. by the way, though you are this far north, it is strengthening. 85 miles per hour as a category 1 hurricane. the impacts are going to be felt on the eastern sea board. five to seven feet surf. eight to 12 feet near boston. with that, we are talking about that very high risk for rip currents. not the place to be in the water. showers are going to be out there in the midwest. showers through labor day weekend. temperature wise, a huge drop.
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yesterday, 91 in boston. today 80, tomorrow down to 70. the mid-atlantic, you are normal where you should be this time of year. >> a lot going on. >> i'm trying to talk as fast as possib possible. >> josh shaw has some explaining to do. a whole lot of explaining. that story of heroism, the one he was telling, a lie. andy scholes has the details on the bleacher report, next. [ female voice ] yes? lactaid® is 100% real milk? right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this? [ female announcer ] lactaid. 100% real milk. no discomfort. come on, would i lie about this? for the evert time.. she let him plan the vacation. off the beaten path: he said trust me: he implored alas, she is beginning to seriously wonder why she ever
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captain josh shaw, well, he fessed up, admitting the story told about saving a drowning nephew was a lie. >> andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. too good to be true. >> after people started questioning the authenticity of it, that's when shaw decided it was time to tell the truth. in a state me, saw said, on saturday, i injured myself in a fall. i made up a story about this fall that was untrue. i was wrong to not tell the truth. i apologize to usc for this action on my part. usc suspended shaw indefinitely. the circumstances surrounding his injuries are still cloudy. the police were called to the apartment where shaw fell from a balcony. he was mentioned, but not as as suspect in a report involving a saturday night break-in.
2:25 am
the long wait is over for browns fans. it's not good news. the nfl ruled they were going to uphold josh gordon's yearlong suspension after violating a substance abuse policy for a second time. the browns will be in action as the nfl preseason wraps up with 16 games on the schedule. a group of soccer parents and players filed a class action lawsuit against fifa, soccer's governing body. they have been negligent in monitoring and treating head injuries. the plaintiffs are not seeking financial damages, but instead, asking for changes in the sport's rules such as eliminating headers for children and fifa protocalls. caroline wozniacki's hair
2:26 am
gets stuck in her racket. ouch, that had to hurt. that doesn't happen very often. she was able to shake that off and avoid her hair the rest of the match. she was able to go on and win. that had to hurt. s serena is back in action as well as cici bell. she's going to take the court in prime time tonight. ime guessing there will be many more cameras catching this as there were in the first round match. that's tonight 7:00 eastern. court 17, is a much bigger stadium than she played in in the first game. >> i wonder if she could have headed the ball in. >> andy scholes, thanks so much. an american mother's plea to share her son's life.
2:27 am
steven sotloff's mother pleading for her son's life. live team coverage after the break. [ female announcer ] birdhouse plans. nacho pans. glass on floors. daily chores. for the little mishaps you feel use neosporin to help you heal. it kills germs so you heal four days faster. neosporin. buy three johnson & johnson first aid products and get a free bag. buy three johnson & johnson first aid products big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice.
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the hunt for isis. president obama weighing how to take down the terror group as that group continues to move through syria and iraq. this coming as the mother of an american journalist begs for her son's release. we have live team coverage ahead. a freed american journalist
2:31 am
held by nearly two years sharing what he is grateful for. the fbi investigating a cyber attack they say may have been all about revenge. welcome back to "early start," everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it's 31 minutes past the hour. i want to welcome all out of viewers on this thursday morning. experts are analyzing a mother's desperate plead for mercy. she plead directly to the leader of isis to spare her son's life and release him. >> steven has no control over the actions of the u.s. government. he's an innocent journalist. i have always learned that you can grant amnesty. i ask you to please release my child. >> steven sotloff was taken captive a year ago covering the civil war in syria.
2:32 am
karl penhaul following the latest developments. he is live in london. clearly, this was a very strategic and careful message appealing directly to the man who is running isis. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, christine. of course it goes deeper than a plea for mercy from her son. talking to an experienced kidnapper in london and across the globe. he say what is is going on is sotloff's mom is trying to change the focus of the debate, trying to focus on steven sotloff as an individual and human being other than being a pawn in a political game. of course what she's trying to do is separate him firmly as an individual from the u.s. government's policy in the region. what's interesting is sotloff's mom appeals to the central leadership of isis rather than the people on the ground
2:33 am
believed to be holding him. that, again, according to the kidnap expert we have been speaking to is very important. what he says is the worst case scenario would be is any victim in a kidnap situation is being held by a bunch of crazy hot heads who don't have much experience. he says ironically, the best case senator owe is any victim is held by experienced kidnappers because they know what they can demand and realistically what they can negotiate for. of course there's no suggest that steven sotloff is being held for a financial ransom. the demands are much more political in character. what the expert we talked to said is this is an effort to open the lines of negotiation and say hey, look, let's come to a reasonable deal that could lead to his release. christine? >> lead to his release. talk about crazy hot heads. isis is, you know, exterminating people throughout two countries
2:34 am
because they don't share the same version of their religion. in a way, it's hard to be strategic and rational with these people. >> reporter: certainly looking at that you would say yeah, these people are crazy, what can we do here to get them out? this negotiator we have been talking to has experience with crazy people across the globe like rebels in columbia and drug gangs in mexico. he says what you have to do is drill in there, find out who is in charge. find out how the orders are going down from top to bottom. then, try to get everybody into the ballpark of what is reality, what can be done and can't be done. he's certain isis has a group of experienced kidnappers, the one that is cut their teeth fighting against the russians years ago.
2:35 am
that is what the appeal to designed to appeal to, the people in charge and the experienced guys saying okay, let's get to reality. maybe there's a deal to be done here. >> certainly deadly and frightening negotiations indeed. >> deadly and on the move. the united states considering air strikes and humanitarian aid for iraqis facing slaughter at the hands of militants. this is in amerli. a town of shiites. anna is covering this for us. she is live in erbil whach. what is the latest? >> reporter: this town has been under siege. this situation is very dire, is what we are hearing from people with family and friends in amerli. the militants, isis, managed to cut off the power and the water. we hear that dozens of children have now died from dehydration
2:36 am
and starvation according to the turkman foundation. the situation is critical. there's no hospital in this township. one medical center trying to look after all the sick and the injured. we understand there have been iraqi helicopters fly in, deliver aid, deliver weapons to the local police, the volunteer who is picked up arms and fought the militants, kept them at bay, certainly at the gates of this township. but, it's not enough. the u.n. special representative for iraq appealing to the international community saying a possible massacre could unfold in the township of amerli unless it gets the help it needs. we know the iraqi military is sending in reinforcement to fight the isis militants. the appeal is for u.s. air strikes. obviously, we know the united
2:37 am
states kept its limited mission to northern iraq, to us here in erbil and mosul dam. kurdish forces managed to take it back last week. now, the appeal is for the united states to expand this mission across the areas where isis is attacking these towns, these villages and certainly threatening these communities. as u.n. representative said, this is a township that is facing extermination. >> all right, from erbil, iraq, thank you. peter theo curtis making his first public statement after two years of captivity. he says he is grateful beyond words to those who worked so hard for his freedom and for the welcome home he has received. >> i had no idea, when i was in prison, i had no idea so much effort was being expended on my
2:38 am
behalf. now, having found out, i am overwhelmed with emotion. i'm also overwhelmed by one other thing. that is that total strangers have been coming up saying hey, we are glad you are home. welcome home. glad you are back. glad you are safe. great to see you. i suddenly remember how good the american people are and what kindness they have in their hearts and to all those people, i say, a huge thank you from my heart, from the bottom of my heart. >> it's great to see him doing well. curtis told fellow journalists he understands their interest in the story and appreciates them all being there. but, before he answers their questions, he needs time to decompress and most importantly, bond with mom. >> i can't imagine what kind of reentry that was for him. he's on a flight. comes to newark, goes to boston, sees his mother.
2:39 am
>> this week, bergdahl came back and needed all that re-integration. it's a different process. i'm curious why that is. >> coordinated cyber attacks on major banks, stemming from russia. experts say the attack was sophisticated. they were able to breakthrough and steal account information. they told the extent of the damage and where the hack came from is not clear. hackers from russia are not clear. they have raised suspicions given u.s. sanctions against russia. in response, jp morgan said they have pressures to protect themselves. was it account information they were going for or espionage about oil and gas contracts, looking at the trading on the desks? that's what they are looking into. european shares lower. asian lower.
2:40 am
u.s. stocks might be ready for a pause. futures pointing down. s&p 500 closed above 2000 for the second day in a row. it has been quite a run. >> a streak now. >> i'm telling you, over the past five years, you know, $1,000 in the s&p 500 is worth $3,000 today. not so good times on the coast. dangerous rip currents on both sides of the country. hurricanes causing this. the waves have turned deadly. indra petersons is tracking the storms after the break. (singing) ♪ dust irritating your eye? (singing) ♪ visine® gives your eyes relief in seconds. visine®. get back to normal.
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[ female announcer ] lactaid. 100% real milk. no discomfort. powerful storms in the atlantic and pacific. they are staying away from land. look what they are creating. huge waves and dangerous rip currents on both coasts. so, leave it to a surfing legend to ignore the warnings and go for a ride. >> we live for this. we wait our lives for this stuff to happen. we stend our whole life waiting for the storm of a lifetime. >> the waves are like 20 feet. his shoulders are like 19 feet. >> there you go with the shoulders. it has to be about the shoulders. >> he's a professional. >> hundreds of water rescues in the pacific. >> not of him. >> not of him. the violent surf led to one surfers death. >> people think it's a once in a lifetime thing then they get
2:45 am
into trouble. marie is churning it up out there. >> it was a category 5. rare to have it that close to california. with that, we are talking strong rip currents. still, very high surf. 25 feet toward the wedge. remember, we have cristobal on the east coast. we are talking about the rip currents on the east, too. i want to show you how dangerous marie was. look at the waves on catalina island. the destruction of the pier. the pier sustaining many reports of damage. look how powerful the waves were. trucks overturned. a lot of boats reported as overturned. that is the concern, the dangers out there. considering it is just ahead of labor day weekend. the storms are still making their way through the region. cristobal is still a hurricane, still strengthening. 85-mile-per-hour expected. look what it's going to do to
2:46 am
the surf. wave height up to 12 feet out in atlantic. with that, we have the strong rip currents. you'll be able to identify those z. the murky waters. not a time to go into the water. a dangerous surf. heavier showers for labor day weekend. seeing scattered showers there and to the south. i could not go to bed last night, looking at all the waves. very, very rare. >> you said it was going to be an issue on both coasts. lesson here, listen to you. >> thanks, indra. let's look at what's coming up on new day. >> great to see you and john. so, we will have much more this morning on that desperate plea from the mother of an american being held by isis. steven sotloff's mother, shirley is begging terrorists to spare her son. we will examine that video. plus the conflict between ukraine and russia reaching a boil today. ukraine said russia invaded
2:47 am
their territory, accusing putin of starting a war. we'll have the latest on that and so much more when "new day" begins at the top of the hour. >> looking forward to it. we are following that crisis in ukraine. russia is sending in soldiers to fight with separatists. we head to moscow, after the break.
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welcome back. ukraine says russian troops are involved in the fighting in eastern ukraine. a military commander says it is a full scale invasion. ukraine's prime minister calling for an immediate u.n. security council meeting to address this crisis. phil black is live in moscow for us. is this more incursion, something we have seen or something new and actual invasion? >> reporter: you are right, christine, a lot of allegations about incursions in recent months. this, as it is described, is much bigger. a military operation is what they are describing, potentially an invasion. they are talking a russian military unit involved directly in the fighting in two locations
2:52 am
near donetsk and a port city. they are talking infantry, armored vehicles and anti-aircraft weapons as well. this is a large-scale military operation. the second location down by the coast is concerning because there hasn't been fighting in that region before. this is a new front. it raises questions about what are russia's intentions if the reports, the allegations are true. this's concern the greater the success of the ukrainian military in fighting the rebels to the point for an outright military win, the greater chance russia could intervene to try to swing the momentum back toward the rebels. if this is what is happening, it is one theory. we heard from a rebel leader from russian media saying there are russian soldiers fighting with them. he says they are veterans or on vacation choosing to fight for
2:53 am
the pro-russian rebels. we heard that before. he put a number on it today. 3,000 to 4,000. that many. itis having an impact on the way the fighting is going. if that's true, it could explain why there are so many russians in ukraine at the moment but not the presence of armored vehicles and heavy weapons. >> fighting with separatists while on vacation. okay, phil black. thanks for that in moscow. passing a resolution concerning the intense fighting in libya demanding a cease-fire there. the resolution includes sanctions between rival militias. libya's ambassador to the u.n. called it a milestone, but warned of a full-blown civil war in libya. i want to say one word to you, plastic. what are america's favorite credit card companies? that's next.
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let's get an "early start" on your money this morning. stocks moving lower around the globe. european shares down, asian shares ended lower. u.s. stocks are taking a pause from the latest rally. the s&p 500 hit a record high yesterday. it's the third day in a row. it closed above 2,000 for the second time ever. wages are stagnant, but bonuses, bonuses are set for record highs. according to a new poll, companies are setting aside 12% of payroll for performance based bay.
2:58 am
why? to attract more talent. with a lot of people looking for work, it's hard to find workers with the skills they need. average workers expect bonuses 10% to 20% of their pay. top performers can expect 15% to 40%. america's favorite credit card companies are american express and discover. american express has been at the top of the list for seven years. now it has competition. they are favored because of top-notch customer service. visa and mastercard are down in pre-market trading. "new day" starts right now. breaking overnight, another american allegedly killed while fighting for isis. this, as the mother of an american hostage makes a desperate plea to captors. the question is, will it work?
2:59 am
also breaking, ukraine says russian forces are invading the country. rebel forces admitting russian forces are fighting alongside of them. we'll have the latest. hackers try to break into the biggest banks. russian hackers may be behind it. your "new day" starts right now. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate balduan and michaela per rarea. good morning. welcome to "new day." it's thursday, august 28th. a lot of news to get to. we'll begin with the desperate race to safe the life of an american hostage, steven sotloff, last seen in this just awful isis video of james jolie's beheading. sotloff's mother shirley delivered a video message directly to the leader of isis
3:00 am
begging him to follies mick teaching and not hold her son responsible for what she calls the sins of others. this as we're now learning possibly that a second american has died fighting alongside isis terrorists. our miguel marquez following all the developments this morning from cambridge, massachusetts. good morning, miguel. >> reporter: this is a calculated risk at best, a very, very complicated situation, an all-out war on top of a revolution with several groups competing violently. >> he's an honorable man and has always tried to help the weak. >> reporter: an impassioned plea from the mother of 31-year-old journalist steven sotloff held captive by isis. steven seen here in the same video after this sickening murder of james foley. >> my son steven is in your hands. >> reporter: shirley sotloff desperately appealing directly to the isis